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Семінар з діагностики форсунок виробників Bosch piezo та Siemens VDO, а також оптимізації регулювання електромагнітного клапана Bosch шляхом електричних вимірювань.

Date March 7/8,  2020

Siemens VDO carried out on the example 03L130277B (VW, Audi, Skoda, seat, 1.6 TDI)

Bosch - any nozzles

Day 1.

Siemens VDO

Theoretical part (approximately 9: 00-10: 30)

1. The constructive device of the injector.

2. Reasons of failure. Mechanical and electrical problems.

3. Inspection and diagnostics, repair technology.

4. Spare parts for repair. Manufacturers.

Practical part (approximately 11: 00-14: 00)

1. Inspection, diagnosis and repair of injectors by each of the participants.

2. Setting the gap in the piezo element using the Mega Tester V3.


1. Theoretical part (approximately 15: 00-16: 00)

2. Discussion

Day 2

Bosch Practical part (approximately 9: 00-14: 00)

1. Check and diagnosis of injectors by each of the participants.

2. Spray needle recovery.

3. Valve recovery.

Electromagnetic injectors (approximately 14: 30-17: 00)

Electrical measurements of control valve travel.


- increasing the accuracy of measurement and, accordingly, improving the quality of repair.

- significant reduction in assembly time.

All participants receive a certificate of participation in the seminar.

Cost of participation 600 €

Cold and hot soft drinks and a hot lunch for all participants

Maximum number of participants - 6

Reservation of hotel rooms by the organizers upon request of the participants is possible (the cost of a double room is approximately 35 € / night)


Ul. Wolanowska 135 b

26-601 Radom