Розробка обладнання для випробувань та ремонту дизельних систем


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TheUISmultidevice is designed to supply control signals for the solenoid unit pump injector and unit pump sections of various systems and manufacturers to test their performance (spray pattern and intensity, volumetric capacity).

Cпецифікація Пакування

-          Power supply: ~ 220 V ± 15%;

-          The value of the signal delay angle is 0 – 3590;

-          Number of injections per minute - 100-1500;

-          Measure the response time of the electric valve;

-          Automatic control of the electric drive of the measuring unit;

-          Ability to self-update the firmware;

-          Ability to adapt to different versions of the CAMBOX;

-          Mass of the device: 10 kg;

-          Dimensions (length x width x height) mm - 365x320x110;

        - Power consumption - up to 750 W