Розробка обладнання для випробувань та ремонту дизельних систем

Mega Tester (TEPI)

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The device for checking the electrical parameters of piezoelectric diesel injectors "Mega Tester" OS.110 V2 is intended to check the integrity of the insulation of the piezoelectric element, measure its capacity and resistance, as well as verify its correct operation.

The Mega Tester device is a hardware-software complex that allows you to: measure the piezoelectric element’s capacity, measure the piezoelectric element’s resistance under voltage, measure the insulation resistance under increased voltage, and also generate the injectors control voltage to measure the piezoelectric element’s stroke and verify the correctness of the injector assembly. The functionality of the device allows you to assess the degree of damage of the piezoelectric element and is intended to facilitate the diagnosis and troubleshooting of piezo injectors.

The operation of the device is controlled from a computer using the keyboard and mouse. It is also possible to manually start the device in Stroke mode using the Stroke button on the front panel of the device.

Cпецифікація Пакування
Insulation Resistance
100 kΩ ... 10 GΩ
Piezoelectric resistance
100 kΩ ... 1 MΩ
The accuracy of measuring resistance
± 2 % + 3.e.m.
The capacity of the piezoelectric element
0.5 ... 10.0 μF
Accuracy of measurement of capacity
± 0.3 μF
Piezoelectric voltage setting range
20 ... 160 V
Rated supply voltage
220 V