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CR-NeXT - Bosch Common Rail Injector Assembly device

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The device "CR-Next" is designed to supply a control signal to electro valve electromagnetic injector COMMON RAIL production of BOSCH, for measuring valve travel when measuring magnetic clearance. The stroke measurement is carried out by mechanical (or electronic) indicator.

CR-NeXT allows you to perform a sequence of operations with a complete visualization of the process and the formation of the required mounting dimensions required for assembly.

The device using software CR-NEXT for the visualization of the process.

Cпецифікація Пакування Документація

Supply voltage
220 V ± 15 %
Control signal duration
1.5 seconds
Number of operations per minute
no more than 3
Device weight
1.5 kg
Dimensions (length x width x height)
190 x 180 x 60 mm
Power consumption
up to 150 W
The signal generator for control the electro-valve of the electromagnetic injectors VS.01
a set of cables to the Valve stroke actuator VS.01 generator
cord for communication with a PC
CR-NeXT software
Passport CR-NeXT (technical description, instruction manual)