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Diesel Tester.VE Injection pump diagnostic tool

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Device “Diesel Tester.VE” for testing electronic high-pressure fuel pumps (TNVD) for the EDC, HDK series, oriented for use in the conditions of technical service stations of cars with a diesel engine. “Diesel Tester.VE” is designed to diagnose and verify the performance of injection pump of distribution type with inductive and potentiometric position sensor valve spool (dispenser) - HDK and EDC.Device “Diesel Tester.VE" allows:

  • set any position of the spool valve (dispenser);
  • select the type of position sensor: inductive or potentiometric;
  • control the voltage (feedback) of the feedback from the dispenser position sensor on the LED indicator;
  • controlled the set control voltage to the dispenser;
  • control the value of the current flowing through the metering winding;
  • to control the temperature of the supplied fuel in the high-pressure fuel pump;
  • set the position of the advance valve of the injection pump in three positions;
  • start the engine directly using the Diesel Tester.VE";
  • to verify the performance of the injection pump without removing it from the car;

Cпецифікація Пакування Документація

Supply voltage
220 V ± 15 %
External supply voltage
+10 ... +16 V
Maximum allowable long-term control circuit current
4 A batcher electromagnet
Maximum permissible short-time current control circuit
8 A batcher electromagnet
The threshold of protection for current control solenoid
12 A
Control current protection threshold
ahead of 2.4 A
Maximum error of measurement of feedback voltage with valve spool
2.5 %
Maximum measurement error of the temperature value
5 %
Maximum current display error
6 %
The mass of the device isno more than 4 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)
230 x 220 x 150 mm
Power consumption
up to 80 W