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CR-IP test bench for pumps

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1. The CRIP test bench allows you to perform procedures related to the testing of:

    1.1 high-pressure fuel pumps of the Common Rail system of various manufacturers (Bosch, Denso, Delphi, VDO (Siemens));
    1.2 regulators and pressure sensors;
    1.3 * Testing and coding the injectors of passenger cars.
    1.4 * Testing UIS for passenger cars;
    1.5 LPFP;
    1.6 VENTURI for Delphi;
    1.7 CPV and Rail;

2. Test bench is equipped with an electronic 2 channel measuring system 0-450 L/H with installed cooling system. Test bench includes a software with built-in test plans.

3. The drilling tank for testing oil with electronically heating 1.5 kW and cooling system is comfortable for cleaning and refilling.

4. The test bench is equipped:

    4.1 with auto regulator of overflow for testing pump;
    4.2 2 transparent filters who make it possible to visually inspect the pump for contamination with water and bulky particles;

The main rail with 3 DRV 50-2000 bar and inner cooling channel.