Development of equipment for testing and repairing diesel systems

DT-UNI Tester

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The "DT-UNI" device is designed for testing and control of high-pressure fuel pumps with electronic control of the distribution type, as well as in-line injection pumps.

Distribution type VE - in particular Bosch HDK and EDC, as well as Japanese manufacturers of injection pumps ZEXEL in particular COVEC-F. Series injection pump type: PE.

The device "DT-UNI" enable:

 • operate fuel injection pump with electronic controls;

• set any possible position of the valve-spool  (dispenser);

• operate pumps, with "inductive" or "potentiometric" position sensor;

• control the voltage (checkback) of the feedback from the sensor  position of the dispenser on the indicator;

• monitor the preset voltage on the dispenser;

• monitor the current value through the coil of the dispenser;

• monitor the fuel temperature in the injection pump;

• operate the position of the fuel injection timing valve;

• display the voltage of the so-called "advance valve stroke" (TPS), only for ZEXEL-COVEC.

• start the engine directly using the "DT-UNI" device;


• control the operation of the fuel pump without removing it from the vehicle;

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1. Electric power supply voltage: 220V ± 15%;

2. External electric power supply voltage: + 10 ... + 16V

3. The maximum permissible long-time current of the control circuit of the electromagnet of the dispenser: 10A;

4. The maximum permissible short-time current of the control circuit of the electromagnet of the dispenser: 12A;

5. Operating threshold of the operation  current  by a solenoid: ~ 13А;

6. Operating threshold of the operation  current  of the 2nd control channel (advanced): 4A (VE, ZEXEL) and 13A (PE);

7.  Measurement error of the feedback voltage from the slide valve: no more than 2.5%;

8. TPS voltage measurement error: no more than 5%;

9. Temperature measurement error: 5%;

10.Current measurement error (at a current of more than 0.2 A): no more than 6%;

11. The mass of the device is not more than 5 Kg.

12. Dimensions (length x width x height): 230x220x150;

13. Power consumption: no more than 250 W

Manual 1 pcs.

Controller DT-UNI 1 pcs.

Extension cable VE / ZEX 1 pcs.

Extension cable PE 1 pcs.


Cable-adapter "SPIDER-VE" 1 pcs.

Cable adapter VE-VOLKSWAGEN (0.986.612.439) 1 pcs.

Power cable 220V 1 psc.