Development of equipment for testing and repairing diesel systems

CR-IP Test bench for testing injectors

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The CR-IP test bench is created for the testing and coding Common Rail injectors manufactured by Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens at the system pressure up to 2400 bar. Measurement takes place in an electronic measurement system.

The software ARMD with test plans is included.

The CR-IP test bench allows you to simultaneously check 4 injectors, as well as monitor the temperature of the test fluid at each injector.

The CR-IP test bench uses a CR4-Tester device, which is designed to supply user-programmable Common Rail injector control signals to test their performance (shape and intensity of spray, volume performance).

The design of the CR-IP test bench and its equipment elements meets the requirements of international standards in terms of static and dynamic parameters — ISO 4008/1 and ISO 4008/2.

Software-hardware complex "ARM Diesel" allows you to:

  • create a configuration (sensors, actuators) of the pump test bench;
  • set the number of cycles;
  • set the speed of rotation of the motor;
  • control the value of temperature sensors, pressure, discrete (contact) sensors;
  • function of the electronic limb;
  • monitor the injection angle of the injection pump;
  • control devices diesel tester VE, PE;
  • adjust the temperature of the test fluid.
The frequency of the injection pulses of the opening injector 60 … 1500 min-1
Duration of injector opening pulse 100 … 3000 μs
Temperature control of the test fluid in the range 0 … 100 ± 1 °C
Test fluid pressure regulation in the range 0 … 2400 bar
Electronic pressure measurement in the fuel pressure accumulator in the range 0 … 2400 bar
Protective glass made of polycarbonate 10 mm
Dimensions 1100 x 1700 x 670